T-Mobile Home Internet vs. Optimum – Everything You Should Know

Most people use the internet when they’re at home. Even if you have unlimited data, you know it will run slower after you’ve reached a certain point. Therefore, it’s wise to choose the best internet service provider (ISP) for your needs.

You don’t want to overspend to get quality and reliable internet, and there’s no need to do so! However, you’ve got to research your options. Today’s article will help you compare T-Mobile Internet vs. Optimum Internet/mobile.

Optimum is a cable ISP, which is considered old-school by most people. However, it’s very familiar in the Northeast. It offers various traditional plans with high speeds and low prices. Therefore, it’s ideal for people who work from home, gamers, families, and more.

However, T-Mobile has done something better by offering its 5G home internet. It has decent speeds and is easy to set up, even if you’re in a rural area. Plus, this company offers great customer service, whereas Optimum doesn’t.

Continue reading for a more in-depth comparison, and put the T-Mobile internet vs. Optimum debate to rest!

Coverage and Speed

Let’s focus on the internet speed first. Optimum offers consistent and high speeds, but T-Mobile features a mid-range speed that might be wise for some. In a sense, it’s like comparing oranges and apples because they aren’t close to the same.

Optimum’s internet features cable or fiber technology, so it reaches a data speed of more than 1G in a second. It’s also locked into the wired network, so the bandwidth is safe from lag spikes and slowdowns.

Alternatively, T-Mobile internet has a network running through the cell phone towers. This makes it widely available, almost fully wireless, and easy to install. Still, it might not be as reliable or fast as cable internet.

Likewise, Optimum’s plans offer more upload speeds, which are around 20Mbps. Alternatively, T-Mobile’s are between 6 and 23Mbps. Basically, Optimum might be best for those who need consistent and high speeds for streaming, gaming, and video conferences. However, T-Mobile offers wireless connectivity and flexibility for those in rural areas.

Now, let’s look at coverage or internet availability.

T-Mobile claims its 5G home internet is available to over 30 million households, which is a lot. However, Optimum is only available in certain states in the New England region.

If you compare the maps, you’ll see that Optimum only works in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania. However, T-Mobile is just about everywhere the company has 4G network towers. There is absolutely no contest here. You’re golden if you do live in a state offering Optimum, but most people don’t.

You also have to think of the factors that might affect performance and internet speed when comparing Optimum Mobile vs. T-Mobile. They include:

  • The hardware type you choose

  • The age of the device

  • The web browser, operating system, NIC (network interface card), and the other applications you have running

  • Your location

  • How many people share the connection

Pricing and Plans

Next in our T-Mobile home internet vs. Optimum debate, we have to think about pricing. T-Mobile is more simplistic, while Optimum offers many affordable plans.

Overall, Optimum’s approach is standard. It offers many plans at different price points and speeds. However, T-Mobile uses a one-size-fits-all approach, providing one plan for any area or customer.

With Optimum, you have five tiers for internet service, ranging from 300Mbps up to 5Gbps. There are no data caps on these plans, so you won’t have to worry about that. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 300 Mbps Fiber Internet – Costs $40/month

  • 500 Mbps Fiber Internet – Costs $60/month

  • 1 Gig of Fiber Internet – Costs $70/month

  • 2 Gig of Fiber Internet – Costs $105/month

  • 5 Gig of Fiber Internet – Costs $165/month

All of the prices include paperless billing and Auto Pay.

Then, you have T-Mobile, which offers one plan and one price. You’ll pay $50 per month to get unlimited data, though the speeds can range anywhere from 33Mbps to 182Mbps. There’s such a wide range of speeds because it depends on where you live and network congestion.

You’ll also have to pay a $35 fee for the device connection. It’s only a one-time charge, but it’s still worth noting.

Reliability and Customer Service

When comparing the reliability between T-Mobile and Optimum, both ISPs are pretty similar. If you live in one of the areas offering Optimum, it will work like it should. Plus, you’ll get higher speeds, which is ideal for gamers and those working from home.

Alternatively, T-Mobile will never be as reliable or fast as cable internet because it’s wireless. In fact, it relies heavily on the cell towers near you. If you don’t have any, you’ll likely experience downtime. Plus, the internet could run slower when more people are using the towers to make calls.

Let’s turn our attention to customer service. T-Mobile tends to make its customers happier than Optimum. No one wants to deal with the customer service department because it’s time-consuming and boring. However, you might need it, and you want a company that will help you.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index survey polled people about T-Mobile and Optimum. It claims that T-Mobile received a score of 71/100, while Optimum lagged at 59/100. Therefore, T-Mobile is the top choice between the two.

According to TrustPilot, T-Mobile has a customer rating of 4.2/5, but Optimum only has a 3.8/5 rating. You can see the numbers are consistent. We’ll talk about customer testimonials and reviews later.

Additional Features and Perks

If you choose T-Mobile, you’ll enjoy many perks, such as:

  • Tuesday Perks – On Tuesdays, T-Mobile customers can get exclusive offers, great deals, and free stuff.

  • Bundles – If you bundle your Go5G Magenta or an Essentials phone plan with the home internet, you’ll receive your Wi-Fi gateway device, free shipping, and Apple TV+ for six months. Likewise, you’ll get those things and Netflix entertainment on T-Mobile when you bundle your Go5G Plus or the Magenta Max phone line with your home internet.

  • No Annual Contracts – You are free to cancel service at any time.

  • Price-lock Guarantee – Your monthly bill never rises.

  • Test Drive – Test the system for 15 days to see if it will work for you.

Those who are considering Optimum will also have a few extra perks and benefits, such as:

  • Bundling Options – When you bundle mobile and internet together, you can save money on your bill.

  • Part of the ACP – Optimum is part of the Affordable Connectivity Program, so you could get free internet if you qualify!

  • Smart Wi-Fi 6 – Some customers can get a Smart Wi-Fi 6 with their package to help the internet reach throughout the house.

Contract Terms and Termination Fees

There are no contract requirements for Optimum or T-Mobile Home Internet. Therefore, you can cancel whenever you see fit. Likewise, neither company charges early termination fees. However, the brands will cover those charges for you if you switch from another ISP.

T-Mobile will cover up to $500 for termination fees from the old ISP, which can help you save money immediately. Likewise, Optimum can buy out your contract of up to $100. You’ll be responsible for covering the rest.

Installation and Setup

T-Mobile uses the 5G gateway, which is included at no extra cost. This turns the cell signal into Wi-Fi in your home. It works at about 30 feet away and is compatible with many mesh network extenders. Likewise, you can create different networks.

Installation is pretty straightforward and should take roughly 15 minutes. However, you’ll need to download the app on your iOS or Android phone. Many people find they have to call customer service to get assistance. There are no professional installation options available.

Alternatively, Optimum Internet has a pretty standard wireless gateway for cable and fiber plans. You’ll get the router and modem for free, but some areas will charge $10 per month on top of the bill. It’s also possible to add Wi-Fi extenders.

You can use your own equipment, as well, but it might make setup and installation harder. Optimum doesn’t provide a list of its compatible equipment.

However, you can do the installation yourself or have a professional help you. There’s no added fee if you choose an expert to assist with the basic installation. However, you might pay $59 extra to get premium install services, whereby the technician will configure the Wi-Fi on six devices.

Customer Testimonials

There are plenty of customer testimonials from both Optimum and T-Mobile customers. Let’s look at them both:

T-Mobile customers have these things to say:

  • Great internet for a low price

  • Fast and reliant service

  • Seamless setup experience

  • Short money-back guarantee, which starts when the company ships the modem and not when it gets there

T-Mobile Pros:

  • One low price

  • Pretty fast

  • No commitments

T-Mobile Cons

  • Inconsistent speeds

  • No professional install option

  • Might not be reliable

Optimum customers have said these things about the service:

  • Few issues

  • Pretty reliable

  • High cost

  • Good value

Optimum Pros:

  • Affordable pricing

  • Both fiber and cable offerings

  • No contracts or data caps

Optimum Cons:

  • Much limited availability when compared to T-Mobile

  • No budget option

  • Average customer service

Promotions and Discounts

Optimum often offers newcomer deals. For example, you could get a $200 Visa Prepaid card when you switch now. Likewise, you will save $5 when you sign up for paperless billing and Auto Pay. If you also bundle internet and mobile together, you’ll save $15/ month.

There are no discounts for first responders, nurses, students, or senior citizens, either.

Let’s now focus on T-Mobile. There are many perks to get you salivating. If you’re on the Magenta Max plan, you’ll save $20 per month on your home internet fees. Likewise, new customers can get a $50 prepaid MasterCard when switching from another provider. You may also choose the free SiriusXM subscription, which is available for six months.

T-Mobile also offers a $100 grocery credit and a free Instacart+ membership. Along with that, you’ll get a huge discount on a Nest Wi-Fi router and can receive your free Ooma Telo Air Device. Simply sign up to get Ooma Premier and use it for 18 months.

It’s important to understand that the deals, promotions, and discounts will vary based on the month or time of year. Therefore, you’ll want to visit the ISP’s website to determine what’s available when you sign up.

Overall, we think that T-Mobile offers better discounts, but it truly depends on you and your needs. You might think that bundling phone and internet is beneficial or might like the idea of automatically saving by getting your bill online and using Auto Pay.

Alternatively, T-Mobile might look better if you often use Instacart or like new technology.

Equipment Compatibility

T-Mobile does allow you to use your own router, but it must still be connected to the T-Mobile gateway with the Ethernet port. Still, the 5G gateway is free, so it’s not like you have to pay extra. You can also use your own mesh network extenders, though it doesn’t provide a list of compatible options.

Optimum also offers a wireless gateway for its internet service. In most cases, it’s free, but you might see $10 added to your bill. Likewise, it’s possible to purchase extra Wi-Fi extenders, which run $3 per month.

It is possible to use your own equipment, but you could run into problems. There’s no list of compatible equipment available on its website. Likewise, it might require you to purchase your third-party modem from one of its stores.

Summary and Conclusion

The end of our T-Mobile home internet vs. Optimum comparison is nearing its end. We talked about why you need an ISP and how to choose one, focusing on various aspects between both internet service providers.

You learned about speed and coverage, pricing, customer service, reliability, installation, and much more. In fact, we left no stone unturned, which will give you a better idea when you decide.

Our goal is to offer guidance to help you choose between Optimum and T-Mobile Home Internet. If you live in the Northeast and require tons of bandwidth, Optimum could be ideal. However, those in rural areas might like T-Mobile because it’s easier to get service when there are few ISPs available.