Can I Switch from Straight Talk to Total Wireless? | Full Guide

Switching phone carriers is a tough decision to make. Whether it’s because you want something more affordable or with better features, you must always make an informed decision.

Straight Talk and Total Wireless are two of the most affordable phone carriers in the country. It may be tough for you to choose which one is the best, so that’s what we’ll cover today.

Are you wondering “Can I switch from Straight Talk to Total Wireless?” This page has all the answers!

What Are the Benefits of Switching to Total Wireless from Straight Talk?

Both mobile operators are excellent for people looking for budget options. However, Total Wireless may have a few advantages over Straight Talk:

  • Total Wireless may offer better network coverage where you live. This will make your connection more reliable when you need it the most.

  • You could save a few bucks depending on the plan you get. Also, Total Wireless often gives clients promotional offers that could help them save even more money.

  • Total Wireless may offer a few extra features and services that you don’t get with Straight Talk.

  • The coverage and services that Total Wireless offers have earned it a great reputation among customers. You can find several positive reviews online.

  • A lot of phone models are compatible with Total Wireless. The carrier also has a few technology exclusives that may catch your attention.

Steps to Switch from Straight Talk to Total Wireless

Something important to note is that both Straight Talk and Total Wireless are owned by TracFone. However, this doesn’t mean that you can change from Total Wireless to Straight Talk with any device.

If you want to make a switch, follow these steps carefully:

  • Check all the plans that Total Wireless has in store. Even though this carrier is known for having basic plans, they have enough features to cover your needs.

  • Verify if there’s enough network coverage in your area. If there’s a poor connection where you live, the switch will not be worth it.

  • Check if your current phone is compatible with Total Wireless. You’ll have to unlock your phone if it’s locked with Straight Talk.

  • Once you’ve made your decision, contact Total Wireless either online or via phone/mail to start your switch. You’ll verify your eligibility and provide the company with all the documentation needed here.

  • An amazing feature of Total Wireless is that it allows people to transfer their current phone numbers. You can do this if you want.

  • Finish setting up your Total Wireless account, and activate your device (if you haven’t already).

  • Finally, cancel your Straight Talk service.

Keeping Your Phone Number

As mentioned, you can port your current phone number to Total Wireless since the carrier offers the service.

In the case of Total Wireless, you have to:

  • Text PORT to 611611 or start through Total’s website.

  • Enter the number you want to port.

  • Provide the account information needed (Account number and PIN, contact information, etc.)

  • Enter your Service Plan PIN (unless you haven’t bought a plan).

  • Log into your Total Wireless account. If you don’t have one, you can create it within a few minutes.

  • Finish setting up your device.

Feel free to ask your carrier if you’re confused about any of these steps.

Keep in mind that porting your number doesn’t mean you’ll keep your Straight Talk benefits.

Costs and Fees Associated with Switching

Straight Talk doesn’t have any applicable early termination fees. You’re free to end your contract at any time. As for Total Wireless, it’s important to note that the carrier offers prepaid plans and doesn’t work with contracts.

You can either pay for SIM kits or regular service plans. Here’s an overview of all the plans you have:

  • 5GB Navigation - $30

  • 15GB Navigation - $40

  • Unlimited (Up to 5G Nationwide Speeds) - $50

  • Unlimited (Up to 5G UWB Speeds) - $60

Potential Impact on Phone Plan and Data Usage

Make sure you review your current plan with Straight Talk and how much data you use before switching. This allows you to make a more informed decision about your next phone plan.

Both carriers have different price ranges, data limitations, etc. In any case, you must go for a plan that gives you the best bang for your buck.

Something important to point out is that the first two plans offered by Total Wireless don’t have unlimited data. This is something that could influence your decision.

Moreover, if you’re switching because of network coverage, keep in mind that the better the coverage, the more likely you are of using more data. Take your time to review your options.

Duration of the Switching Process

Switching from one carrier to another shouldn’t take you more than a day. In some cases, it even takes a few minutes.

Some factors that can influence the duration of the process include your research period and any potential problems with your existing account (such as fraudulent activity reports).

It may also take some more time to switch if you want to port your current number or unlock your phone.

Differences in Coverage and Network Quality

Generally speaking, Total Wireless offers better coverage than Straight Talk. The main drawback to this carrier is the fact that it doesn’t have too many plans to choose from.

Another thing to note is that Total Wireless only runs on Verizon’s networks. Straight Talk runs on any major carrier network.

Overall, the average person won’t tell the difference in speed with both providers, but you can expect slightly better coverage with Total.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Total Wireless offers people four options to get customer service and support:

  • Mail

  • Phone

  • Online Chat

  • Self-Service

Straight Talk offers the same four options to clients, so there’s not much to compare here. Both companies do a decent job of dealing with customer issues and/or complaints. However, since both are budget carriers, you may not get excellent service all the time.

Device Compatibility

To check if your device is compatible with Total Wireless, you must find your device’s IMEI number and run it on Total’s website. It will tell you if your device is compatible.

Any unlocked CDMA or Verizon-compatible device will be perfect to make the switch.

If you want to purchase a new phone, Total Wireless offers a decent selection of 5G smartphones. You can also choose to buy these through payment plans to make things easier:

  • iPhone SE 2022

  • iPhone 13 and 13 Pro Max

  • Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra

  • Galaxy A14

  • Galaxy Z Fold4

  • Galaxy Z Flip4

  • Pixel 6A

  • And more

Contract Considerations 

Straight Talk doesn’t have any early termination fees. You can start your switch whenever you find it appropriate.

As for Total Wireless, remember that it doesn’t work with contracts. You’ll have to comply with the company’s Terms and Conditions to have a great experience with your new line. Other than that, you’re free to get a new plan whenever you want.

Comparing Pricing and Data Plans

As mentioned, Total Wireless has only four plans to choose from. On the other hand, Straight Talk has 38. 

Straight Talk offers unlimited data even in its most basic plan, which can be an advantage over Total Wireless. The main benefit that Total Wireless offers for all its plans is that it tends to have better coverage.

Make sure to review your current plan with Straight Talk to determine if any of the plans from Total Wireless are appropriate for you.


Total Wireless can be an excellent switching option if you’re not happy with your current Straight Talk plan. However, make sure you do proper research to make an informed decision.

Each provider has unique features that can benefit you. In the end, it all comes down to how efficiently you can navigate. If you’re looking to switch to Total Wireless, take your time before deciding which plan to go for.