Affordable Connectivity Program Qualifications | What Do You Need to Get Started?

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is one of the best solutions available to people who can’t afford their internet connection plans. This program is run by the Federal Communications Commission, and it offers plenty of discounts on internet bills and connected devices.

How do you qualify for the ACP program, though? There are a few rules to follow, but they aren’t too hard to understand. Once you determine your ACP eligibility, you’ll be one step closer to getting affordable internet and saving money.

Keep reading to know how to qualify for ACP Internet and what benefits you’ll get from it.

Qualifications for the Affordable Connectivity Program

Let’s cover everything to know about ACP eligibility. We’ll cover income limits, eligibility criteria, and other special considerations you may want to know about.

Income Requirements

There are different ways for a household to apply for ACP. If we’re talking about ACP income limits, your household’s total must be 200% or less than the poverty guidelines.

These guidelines are calculated based on your household size and the state you live in. You must show proof of income if you want to apply for the ACP.

Eligibility Criteria

Other factors that can make you eligible to receive ACP benefits include:

  • Participating in other government assistance programs like SNAP, SSI, or FPHA.

  • Living on qualifying Tribal lands.

  • Having a child or dependent participate in a government assistance program.

  • If you’re already receiving Lifeline benefits, you automatically qualify for ACP.

Documentation and Proof of Eligibility

The program may ask you for a few documents to prove you can benefit from the service. If you already qualify for any other assistance program, you can provide a letter or official document as proof.

To prove your household income, you can send tax returns, income statements, pay stubs, etc. Remember you’ll also have to provide a valid ID, passport, birth certificate, and other eligible documents to verify your identity.

Finally, you’ll have to show proof of address. You can do it through utility bills, mortgage or lease statements, and more.

Considerations for Households with Multiple Members

Households with multiple members will only share one ACP benefit. On the other hand, those who live together but don’t share money are considered to be living in separate households. In these cases, each person could receive ACP benefits.

You can check the ACP’s form to determine if you qualify as a single household member or if you share the money with other people.

Demonstrating Eligibility for the Affordable Connectivity Program

As mentioned, you must prove that you’re eligible for the ACP through the documents we’ve mentioned before. The program will likely ask you for basic information first, such as proof of address and ID.

However, you may also get asked to send proof of income or proof that you participate in other government assistance programs. You can send as many of these documents as you consider appropriate.

Once you’re ready to apply, you have to file a form with basic information. Then, you’ll get contacted by a representative, and you’ll get asked for the rest of the documents.

You can apply online or print out a mail-in application. If your current internet provider works with the ACP program, you can also start the process through them.

Internet Service Provider (ISP) Requirements for the Affordable Connectivity Program

Over 1,800 ISPs are participating in the Affordable Connectivity Program. You can use this tool to check which providers are in your area.

Once you get the benefit, you’ll get discounts of up to $30 per month toward your internet service. Those living on qualifying Tribal lands could get a discount of up to $75.

In some cases, you can get discounts of up to $100 to purchase select devices.

Essentially, many of the providers will offer you free internet once you apply the discount. These providers include Astound, AT&T, Clear Wireless, Comcast, Mediacom LLC, and more.

You can expect internet speeds of a minimum of 100 MB for downloading. However, these speeds may vary depending on the provider you choose.

Impact of Existing Internet Service on Program Eligibility

People who already have an active internet service could participate in the Affordable Connectivity Program. The service is available to eligible people, whether they’re new or past customers of any of the participating providers.

Those who want to switch or downgrade their service must contact their provider and tell them they want to enroll in the ACP. A representative will tell you all the steps to follow.

If you have to change providers, then you can request your new internet service and cancel the previous one.

Benefits of Understanding the Affordable Connectivity Program Qualifications

The Affordable Connectivity Program offers many benefits to low-income families and individuals. Not only do you get access to the internet for free (most of the time), but you also get a wide range of opportunities to discover!

Internet access allows you to stay communicated with your friends and family, find job opportunities, and discover new educational resources.

There are plenty of affordable internet options out there. You just have to know where to look. Ensuring you’re eligible for the ACP is critical if you want to get the full benefits.

Understanding all the qualifications mentioned here will help you evaluate which provider and plan suits your needs the best.

If you’ve confirmed you have everything to apply for this program, you can get started today. Getting help from the ACP will give you more opportunities in the healthcare, employment, education, and communication departments


The FCC’s Affordable Connectivity program is excellent for many people. Not only does it provide discounts to low-income families and individuals, but it also gives these people access to the beauty of the internet world.

We encourage you to read every clause on this page closely to determine if you’re eligible for any of the benefits of this program. If you are, don’t hesitate and get started with your application today!